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Beginner training

Beginner training

Try the offer that hasn’t been seen before. Packages of 10, 15 or 20 min with individual coaching. Start professional trainings in Flyspot.

Product details

Why is it worth it??
• you will start to train one of the most exciting sports in the world
• in cooperation with your instructor you will make an individual training plan based on your goals
• belly flying, formations, freefly, dynamic – you can learn all of these styles starting from the beginning

What are you going to do?
• At first, you will learn the signals needed to communicate in the wind tunnel; you will get to know the basic safety rules and tips for going in and out of the tunnel.
• Flying – it is time to learn basics, at first, and then more advanced flying skills
• The first 5-6 training sessions should be enough to achieve the flying level that makes you able to control your body and move in the tunnel in all directions in a belly positon, making and stopping turns, flying up and down

How often are the trainings organized?
• It is individual and depends on you. You can train once or twice a week or once or twice a month. Some of our flyers are so much hungry for progress that decide to fly even every day. Please trust our instructors, they will help you to adjust your time and budget to your goals and preferences
• Your comfort and safety are our priorities. Flying with us gives you a guarantee that your trainings will be totally adjusted to your personal rate of knowledge aquisition, using optimal timing. Not too fast and not too slow, so you could use your time the best way it can be used
• Flyspot instructors use the best teaching methods that were succesful for dozens of people. The knowledge is shared in a simply and friendly way. Our staff is aware of typical mistakes and knows how to correct them. That’s the fastest way of teaching so you could make progress very quickly, without forcing yourself.

  • Price

    from 559 pln
  • session length

    10, 15 or 20 minutes
  • Take with you:

    comfortable outfit, tied shoes
  • Flyspot equipment included in the price:

    coverall, goggles, earplugs, helmet
  • In the package

    Individual training program
  • Pre-training briefing
  • Tunnel training
  • Debriefing after training


  • Please arrive 60 minutes before the booking time.

  • Register at the reception desk and complete the formalities

  • Discuss your needs and the upcoming training with the instructor

  • Choose your equipment with the help of an instructor

  • Time to train!

    Depending on the selected package, your training will be closed in one or two 30-minute sessions during which you will perform planned exercises entering the tunnel, taking turns with other participants in your group.

  • After the training or in the breaks between sessions, your instructor will discuss the exercises and the entire training, and will suggest the next steps on your path to becoming a professional indoor skydiver