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Our team

Our staff consists of the best instructors from around the world. Flying is a real passion for them, and they have a lot of fun teaching others to fly. Plus, the Flyspot atmosphere makes it a real dream job! That is why our staff consists of smiling and positive people who will gladly teach you to fly in every plane. Whether you are a beginner or a very advanced tunnel user.

Flyspot Warsaw flyspot katowice FLYSPOT WROCŁAW Boeing 737 Simulator
Wojtek instructor
Adrian instructor
Artur instructor
Bartek instructor
Dominik instructor
Grzesiu instructor
Kajetan instructor
Kasia instructor
Juanfe instructor
Gienek instructor
Joel instructor
Mairis instructor
Wojtek instructor
Tomek instructor
Luis instruktor
Krystian instructor
Magda customer service
Marlena customer service
Marta customer service
Marta customer service
Paulina customer service
Agnieszka instructor
Łukasz instructor
Marcin instructor
Marcos instructor
Michał instructor
Przemek instructor
Sebastian instructor
Tomek instructor
Wojtek instructor
Kuba instructor
Shaun instructor
Kornelia instructor
Martyna customer service
Karena customer service
Ania customer service
Kuba instructor
Ola instructor
Paweł instructor
Tomek instructor
Jarek instructor
Mateusz instructor
Paweł instructor
Ola Customer Service
Ewa customer service
Michał instructor
Mikołaj instructor
Iain Instructor
Jan Instructor
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