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Boeing 737 simulator


It is the only professional, full-size 737NG passenger plane simulator with 4K resolution in Poland, located in Flyspot Warsaw. Our cockpit is an exceptionally faithful replica of a real plane, where all controls, switches, displays and levers work exactly as in real life. The FLYSPOT 737 PROJECT gives you an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind opportunity to pilot an 80-ton jet plane!


The most important features


FLYSPOT 737 PROJECT is the only professional, full-size 737NG passenger plane simulator in Poland with 4K resolution.


You may not have any experience. With the help of our instructors you will see what the pilots of passenger planes face during the key stages of their flight.

Open daily!

Mon – Fri: 15.00-22.00
Sat – Sun: 10.00-22.00
ul.Wspólna droga 1
Mory near Warsaw

2400 airports

You choose from 2,400 available airports and countless flight scenarios.


You board the perfect replica of the Boeing 737-800 passenger cockpit.


In our simulator, we use professional and extremely realistic scenery of the Drzewiecki Design company.

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Experience a great adventure!

Have you ever wondered what the job of a pilot looks like? What it’s like to steer such a great machine? If you only managed to look into the cockpit, you probably wondered what all these buttons and indicators do. Until recently, piloting a large passenger plane was practically unattainable for the average bread eater, and professional pilot training centers remained inaccessible to curious passengers. Now that has changed!

the boeing 737 simulator reviews

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We used a wind tunnel and a flight simulator.
Adams – 7 września 2020

(…) Another attraction is the flight in the Boeing 737 simulator. I always wanted to sit at the controls of this airframe. Mr. Michał is a pilot instructor. He immediately wanted to shorten the distance between the “captain” and the “pilot” and he succeeded. In a relaxed atmosphere, he explains what it is all about. He tries to use words that are understandable to a layman (like me) 😀.
The flight takes 20 minutes. You can choose the airport and conditions. The captain sees how the pilot is going and selects the weather conditions for him. I wasn’t going to land straight on the waist and I had to go around. And my wife landed in the fog using the ILS system. We recommend using both the tunnel and the simulator.

I recommend!
Jarosław Majewski – Sep 4, 2020

The simulator is a great experience. I recommend.

Great place
LGmaster – Sep 19, 2019

A great place for the so-called unconventional entertainment. The place is a bit hidden from the state road, but it shouldn’t be a problem to hit. Inside, a buffet with delicious lemonade. Possibility of observing flying by people. Similarly with the flight simulator, which is located right at the entrance. A very advantageous solution is colored horizontal marking of directions to the appropriate places.

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Take the helm of a huge Boeing 737 passenger jet. Choose one of the flight scenarios prepared by our instructors. Thanks to the excellent technology used in our simulator, you will experience what pilots of passenger planes encounter during the key stages of their flight. You take off yourself and land a giant machine. Who knows, maybe you will catch the aviation bug and think about professional training? We guarantee great emotions and fun!

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