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indoor skydiving

Flyspot is the magic that makes the impossible possible. We’ve created the best, most powerful wind tunnels in the world. The power of advanced technology means that experiences that have so far been reserved only for a few people practicing extreme sports are available at hand. In Flyspot, anyone can take to the air without the risks of aviation sports.

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Do you want to fly?

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Open 24/7

Our tunnels are open every day of the week. If necessary, even around the clock.

For Firsttime flyers

You never flew? Cool! We will teach you everything from scratch.

For ProFlyers

Are you a skydiver or have experience in indoor skydiving? We have a tailored offer for you.

No age restrictions

You can come to fly with both children (from 3 years of age) and grandparents. Flying is an accessible sport for everyone.

Free parking

For your comfort, we have a convenient and free car park right next to our facilities.


We will humbly say that Flyspot tunnels are one of the best places for a company or family event in the world 🙂

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Have a great adventure

Flyspot: three wind tunnels (in Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław), the best free-fall simulators in the world. Places where, thanks to the use of the latest technology, a person can freely rise into the air and fly, using only his body and the momentum of air. From the technical side, the tunnel is a vertical, closed-circuit 4.5 meter glass tube, in which high-power fans generate a homogeneous wind stream with a speed of up to 330 km / h. The wind tunnel is the fulfillment of a human dream of flying.

Flyspot reviews

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A great birthday present
Sylwia N – Feb 18, 2019

Great fun for those who dream of flying
and not only. Unforgettable impressions. The key
for success is the right instructor who
has an approach to children and is able to gain their trust – then it goes downhill.

Six minutes in heaven
kacperpokorski – Sep 4, 2018

A great place where you can experience amazing emotions. Professional service, hassle-free booking. Everything as agreed. After arriving, we will quickly understand what and how, fill in standard documents that we enter the tunnel of our own free will and in the event of an accident we will not drag anyone to the courts …

Great fun in Katowice
kordian80 – 15 Jan 2018

We visited Flyspot in Katowice with a 9-year old daughter. We both unanimously agreed that the fun was great, my little daughter even liked it a bit more, maybe due to the fact that “a ton” of wind was blowing into my nose. What should be written is that in Katowice they have great service, starting ..

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Flyspot tunnels – unique

The best technology in the world!

Flyspot tunnel buildings are a reinforced concrete structure with a shape similar to a cuboid. At the heart of the building there is the most important part of the structure – a glass cylinder in which powerful fans generate wind speeds of over 300 km / h, thanks to which people can float to a height of several meters. In addition to the tunnel, the building has a flight room, reception, office and hotel rooms, conference rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms and toilets.

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visit our tunnels

We have three Flyspot wind tunnels: in Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław. Check which one you are closest to!

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Flyspot Wrocław
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