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Frequently Asked Questions

Firsttimers Proflyers
I am a beginner. What shall I choose?
For people who will be flying in the tunnel for the first time, we have prepared an offer consisting of two or four flights.

Such packages are available for both children and adults. So we invite you with a group of friends or the whole family.

This experience will allow you not only to experience the feeling of unrestrained flight, but also to take the first fully conscious attempts to control your body. And this is the first step to join the elite group of indoor skydivers😊
What does a visit to the tunnel look like?
Come dressed in a comfortable, sporty outfit and light, tied shoes. You must be in the tunnel at least 30 minutes before the booking time. This is the time devoted to the necessary formalities, training and equipment selection.

After registering at the reception and filling in statements , the instructor will take you to the training. He will tell you what communication in the tunnel looks like, what will happen one by one, how to enter and exit the flight chamber. The instructor will also give you all the necessary equipment: coverall, helmet, goggles and earplugs. You will likely be in the group of people who made reservations in the same 30-minute block. The whole group you enter the airlock inside the tunnel, and then one by one (always accompanied by an instructor) you start to fly: each two times for 1.5 minutes. When you finish flying and it is possible (i.e. we will have a bit of free time), you can ask the instructor about Extra Flight: an additional flight, only 90 PLN. This is only possible at this point😊

After the flights, visit our video kiosks installed in the flight room - after entering the helmet number (it's worth remembering), flight times and e-mail address, our system will send you a link to download the finished, assembled film. You can also download raw flight footage captured by 6 of our cameras. It is available on computers in video rooms. The instructions on how to find them can be found on the wall under the monitor. Don't forget to take your own flash drive!
Finally, we invite you to the reception - you can pick up your certificate there confirming that you have already completed your first free flight on Flyspot!
What do I get as part of the package price?
The package price includes, of course, a flight in the wind tunnel in accordance with the purchased option, plus: rental of a suit, helmet and goggles for the duration of flying, disposable earplugs and pre-flight training and the care of an instructor for the entire stay in the wind tunnel.

During the short training, you will learn the basic rules of safe use of the tunnel and how to communicate while flying. After leaving the tunnel, a commemorative certificate will be waiting for you at the reception. In addition, you can also get a fre of charge a ready-made, edited movie of your flying and the option to download raw video materials from all cameras (you must have your own flash drive).
How to buy a tunnel voucher?
Our vouchers are available at the reception desk of all Flyspots. They can also be ordered ONLINE in the online store .
When buying a voucher, do I have to provide the details of the person who will use it?
No, all Flyspot vouchers are bearer vouchers. They contain a one-time code that identifies the package paid for and is used to make a reservation on our booking system
How to extend the voucher's expiry date?
If, at the time of redeeming the voucher, it turns out that its validity has already expired (Flyspot vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase), the system will automatically suggest you to renew it.

It is an additional paid service and the price depends on the number of flights in the package.
How long is one flight?
One flight in the tunnel corresponds to approximately the free fall time of two standard tandem parachute jumps from a height of 4,000 meters. In the case of a parachute jump, the free fall phase lasts about 45 seconds. Our client will spend 1.5 minutes in the wind tunnel during one flight.

This time is set at this level, because flying in a tunnel is, contrary to appearances, a lot of physical effort. Muscles work in the tunnel, the existence of which we often had no idea. 90 seconds of such a dose of adrenaline and endorphins is a really long time full of emotions.

There are two or four such flights in the beginner's package.
What are the contraindications for tunnel flight?
Tunnel flights are available to any normally healthy person. Contraindications are:

  • shoulder joint problems (eg, a history of a prolapse of a shoulder)

  • back problems preventing you from safely bending back

  • previous stroke or heart attack

  • mental illness

  • state after drinking alcohol or drugs

  • weight over 130 kg

  • for women, pregnancy

How is payment for tunnel flying?
If you book your package via , you can pay for it when you purchase (via the DOTPAY online payment system).

You can also make a reservation and pay directly at the reception in the tunnel (by card or in cash).

Remember that you have 3 hours to pay for your reservation - after this time the reservation will automatically expire
What if I panic or lose control in the tunnel?
There is no need to worry - an instructor is with you in the tunnel at all times to ensure your safety. In case of any problems, he will immediately react and provide help. Remember also that the speed of air streams in the tunnel is adjusted to the user's skills, and your safety is also supervised by a second instructor in the tunnel door and a third one, controlling the air speed.
What is the training about?
Before entering the tunnel, the instructor will explain how air works and show how to safely place the body on the plows so that it can float freely. You will train this figure with him. You will also learn how to enter and exit the tunnel, and you will learn a few simple gestures for communication while flying (the tunnel is loud and you will have earplugs).
Is it safe for kids?
The facility is safe for both children and adults. Children from 3 years of age can stay in the tunnel - of course under the care of an instructor who constantly watches over the child's safety and comfort. The tunnel's power is then limited to a very low level which is completely safe for our little guest.
What technology do you use?
Our tunnel is based on the technology of Indoor Skydiving Germany. It is the most modern technology in the world, using the most innovative solutions.
What is the innovation of this technology?
Specific solutions are kept secret, but what really matters is the final effect of their application. The solutions used in our tunnel guarantee the softest and even streams among the solutions available on the market. This affects not only the comfort, but also the safety of flying.
Can i wear jewelery or a watch in flight?
This is not a good idea😊 You can lose jewelry due to very strong air currents. Moreover, objects falling in this way can cause injuries and damage to the body and tunnel, so please empty your pockets, remove your jewelry and watches before entering the tunnel.
Can I fly in my own suit and helmet?
Yes, of course, you can wear your helmet and suit in the tunnel. The only limitation applies to helmets with video equipment, camera mounts or any external metal elements that are not allowed in the tunnel. If in doubt, ask our instructor whether your helmet and suit are suitable for Flyspot flying.
How long is one session?
As many as you wish :)

In a 30-minute block, you shouldn't fly more than 10-15 minutes, and this time will be divided according to your preferences.
Do I need a helmet and gloves in the tunnel?
For safety reasons, we require that people flying in the tunnel always wear a helmet. Gloves are not obligatory, but we recommend using them. Due to your comfort, we recommend professionals to fly in a closed helmet. If you fly regularly, consider buying a full face.
Can two people fly in the tunnel?
The instructor will always check your skill level first. If it is suitable, it will allow you to fly in two, three or even four if you have friends with you of similar skill level.
Will I learn to sit-fly in an hour?
It all depends on your previous experience and skills. If you are in full control of belly and back flying, and if you can make the transition from one position to another, now is a good time to start learning to sit. Of course, ask for the instructor's coaching 😊
Does the air always have the same speed in a tunnel?
The speed of the air stream in the tunnel depends on the weight of the jumper and the position of the body in which it flies. The power of the wind is regulated for each individual; we limit it for light jumpers and raise it for heavier jumpers. If you fly flat you need a lower wind speed than head down or sieve flyers.
I have dark goggles, is the light in the tunnel strong enough for me to use them?
If you fly with an open helmet and use goggles, we recommend that you keep them completely transparent. Communication between the instructor and the jumper in the tunnel is done using gestures, and eye contact in bright, non-dimmed goggles is much better.
Does the tunnel allow you to practice flying in sit and head down positions?
The speed of air streams in the Flyspot tunnels is a maximum of 315 km / h. It is enough training and flying in any freefly position not only for one person, but also for the whole team.
Will training in the tunnel help me during AFF parachute training?
Flying in a wind tunnel before training in the air is the best idea you can come up with. First of all, the flight in the tunnel perfectly reflects the conditions in which you will find yourself after jumping out of the plane, i.e. free falling. Second, in the tunnel AFF preparation training, you will learn to hold your body position steadily during flight, initiate and stop revolutions, read the altimeter and simulate the opening of the parachute. You will also greatly reduce the stress you feel during the later parachute jump, which in turn speeds up the training itself, reduces its costs, and gives you and your instructor a lot of joy and satisfaction

You will quickly find out that training in the wind tunnel helps at every stage of skydiving, not only in basic training. In the tunnel, you will learn the skills faster and in controlled conditions, which you can then translate into skydiving.
Is tunnel flying easy or does it require a lot of strength? Will training arms, arms and legs help me in tunnel flying?
Tunnel flying consumes a lot of energy and strength in untrained jumpers. It activates muscles that we don't use every day. Strength training for arms, hands and legs will never hurt, but in a tunnel, coordination and overall fitness really counts.
Is tunnel flying easy or does it require a lot of strength? Will training arms, arms and legs help me in tunnel flying?
Even experienced jumpers are never alone in the tunnel. Flyspot instructors are always present in the flight chamber. All of them are properly trained to provide immediate help in case of any problems and prevent injuries.
Is it possible for the second jumper to make a movie of my flight like it is during a tandem jump?
There is no need. The tunnel is equipped with an integrated video system that records each session from up to six cameras at once. You can view the recorded material right after each flying session to correct errors on an ongoing basis together with the instructor, and if you want to use it later during debriefing or send yourself an e-mail, it is also possible.
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