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sports training for the youngest

Flyspot Playground is a specially prepared wind tunnel flying activity for children. Your child will safely learn the basics of flying and then decide for themselves which way they want to develop their skills. It can fly with friends in formations or dynamically, or it can perform stunts in freestyle.

Once a month, we organize group flying lessons for children in each of our tunnels. Who can take part in the classes?
– children 6-12 years old
– minimum skills necessary to participate:
flying independently in a flat position (on the stomach)

Duration of classes: 1 hour.

Cost of classes: PLN 245 per person (or free of charge as part of the package)

Dates of classes:
Flyspot Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław: 5.09, 3.10, 7.11, 5.12.

You have to sign up for each class.

Applications for classes at Flyspot Warsaw:
Kasia Bereska, by phone and e-mail:
tel. 501 697 660, [email protected]

Applications for classes in Wrocław and Katowice:
Karolina Wiśniewska, phone: 601 752 680
[email protected]

Your child can fly

Meet Flyspot Playground

Designed for the youngest

Children from 6 to 12 years of age can participate in the classes. The condition for starting the adventure with Flyspot Playground is to have a minimum of 2 basic flights in the wind tunnel.

Fantastic adventure

Flyspot Playground was created to fulfill children’s dreams of flying. Flyspot instructors are experts in flying and people who are very experienced in working with children.

We teach from scratch

You never flew? Cool! We will teach you everything from scratch.

Convenient dates

Do not worry about the dates of your child’s other activities – Flyspot Playground trainers will find a convenient time with you that will not interfere with classes

Additional attractions

– cyclically organized group training
– workshops with Maja Kuczyńska – world runner-up in freestyle

Attractive prices

10 minutes is the time spent in the wind tunnel

You can buy time for 10 minutes and bill for classes on a regular basis.
There are also affordable 5H and 10H packages.


Have a great adventure

Flyspot instructors know how to work with the youngest and how to teach them through play so that children can successfully compete even in professional competitions. Magical experiences, great joy – in Flyspot we make dreams come true

Flyspot reviews

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A great birthday present
Sylwia N – Feb 18, 2019

Great fun for those who dream of flying
and not only. Unforgettable impressions. The key
for success is the right instructor who
has an approach to children and is able to gain their trust – then it goes downhill.

Six minutes in heaven
kacperpokorski – Sep 4, 2018

A great place where you can experience amazing emotions. Professional service, hassle-free booking. Everything as agreed. After arriving, we will quickly understand what and how, fill in standard documents that we enter the tunnel of our own free will and in the event of an accident we will not drag anyone to the courts …

Great fun in Katowice
kordian80 – 15 Jan 2018

We visited Flyspot in Katowice with a 9-year-old daughter. We both unanimously agreed that the fun was great, my little daughter even liked it a bit more, maybe due to the fact that “a ton” of wind was blowing into my nose. What should be written is that in Katowice they have great service, starting ..

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Flyspot tunnels – a unique place for the youngest

The best playground in the world

Flyspot tunnels are the most modern installations of this type in the world.
Created to bring joy to everyone, regardless of age.
These are devices in which, thanks to the combination of powerful fans and the amazing skills of our instructors, everyone can get into the air.
The tunnel technology provides the best conditions for lifting into the air. The best Flyspot instructors make flying accessible to everyone and safe even for our youngest guests.

More about technology

Contact our instructors

We have three Flyspot wind tunnels: in Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław. Check which one you are closest to! You can also choose the instructor with whom your child will fly.

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