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Flyspot Katowice

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Flyspot Katowice

We are in the city center!

The younger brother of the Warsaw Flyspot

Flyspot Katowice has been operating since 2017. We placed it in a very accessible point of the city – opposite the Silesia City Center shopping center. It is based on the same technology as Flyspot Warszawa, but it differs significantly in the structure of the building. First of all, it has a very spacious flight room, which allows not only to organize perfect events, but also to conveniently organize international competitions in indoor skydiving.

  • Tunnel structure

    Zbrojony beton
  • Technology

    Indoor Skydiving Germany
  • Flight chamber diameter

    4,2 metra
  • Flight chamber height

    12 metrów
  • wind top speed

    330 km/h

Services available in the facility

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